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Web Video Production Industry Updates


The Fine Bros, With TV On Their Minds, Hire Former ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Exec

Recently, The Fine Bros –whose main channel counts more than 11.6 million subscribers and upwards of 2.7 billion views–have attempted to increase their presence across alternate platforms like film and TV. As they expand their operation, Benny and Rafi Fine are in need of a bigger team, and to that end, they have hired Brandie Tucker , a veteran TV producer, as Vice President of Alternative Television. Tucker is perhaps best known for producing hit TV shows like Big Brother


New Form Digital Joins With Lisa Kudrow’s Studios For Digital Projects

Through a new deal, New Form Digital will soon be expanding its production opportunities. The digital studio from Ron Howard , Brian Grazer , and Discovery Communications has entered into an exclusive partnership with


Geico’s Pre-Roll YouTube Ads Make The Most Of Five Seconds

Geico realizes YouTube viewers are more inclined to skip a pre-roll ad than stick around to watch the whole clip. To solve that problem, the insurance company famous for its commercials decided to capitalize on the first five seconds of its ads in a new pre-roll campaign dubbed “ Unskippable Videos .” The “Unskippable Videos” campaign features four different ads of about 15 seconds in length. In the first five seconds, the characters speak one or two lines about savings; then, the video seemingly freezes

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