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Tag: web video tricks


Quick Tip: Web Video Dimensions

Deciding on the right video dimensions to use for the web can be difficult.


MediaCore Free Video Content Management System

MediaCore is a


HD Video Experiences on the Web

In this Adobe Max 2009 presentation, video expert Robert Reinhardt discusses the tools and techniques used to deliver compelling HD video experiences on the web. Topics covered include how to leverage the Adobe Flash platform, HD video encoding considerations, and examples of websites that are using HD video effectively

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The Complete Guide To Video Blogging

Have you ever thought about starting your own Video Blog? Video is taking the internets by storm, but video blogging is still just a small niche.

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YouTube Tips & Tricks: Formats, Embedded Players, APIs and More

YouTube Video Formats Different formats are created depending on the dimensions of your source videos.


Bigger and Better: Encoding for YouTube 720p HD

When I wrote my first YouTube post 4 months ago entitled “ How to Encode Your Videos for YouTube’s New High Quality Option ” , I would never have thought YouTube would make the move to HD resolution so quickly.